If you are in need of immediate assistance, please contact the mental health crisis line at 1-888-737-4668.

Q • How does one apply?

A • Please apply through the website under the Contact section.

Q • How do you cover a scar?

A • Not all scars are the same. Some can be completely tattooed over while other scars that are more extensive need to be worked into and disguised. I take clients case by case and within the consultation process will consider the clients wants and expectations with what can be done from a technical view point of view.

Q • Can ink be rejected from scars?

A • It is possible but if the scar tissue is extensive enough a plan will be formulated to incorporate the scar rather than physically covering to avoid risks of blow outs or ink dropping out.

Q • Where did the name come from?

A • It came from a Buddhist parable “the story of the two arrows” or also known as “the second arrow” about dealing with the pain in life and the suffering that we create for ourselves. To me, the parable is about hope and taking our power back in our lives.

Q • Is there a limit to the project size? Will every applicant be accepted?

A • Currently spaces are limited. The time for this project is being volunteered, with one day a month that is dedicated to the Two Arrows clients. It is my hope in the future to find additional funding to increase the number of people I can offer these services to.

Q • Do tattoos hurt more over scar tissue?

A • This depends on nerve damage. Sometimes it can hurt a little more or a little less than an average tattoo due to this factor.

Q • Will support be there if the tattoo does not heal well?

A • Absolutely. All touch ups are free up to a year after the initial session.

Q • How healed does my scarring have to be before I can get tattooed?

A • On average it can be a year to two years for a scar to mature enough to be tattoo-able.

Q • How much bigger does the tattoo have to be then my scar? How visible will my scaring be with a tattoo over it?

A • The answer for these questions are the same. Each client and situation will be a bit different due to the expectations of the client and the scars in question, so it is case by case. There will be a one-on-one consultation after being accepted for the project and these factors will be discussed in more detail during that time.

Q • I have extensive scarring, do I still qualify for the project?

A • Scars can vary considerably and not all can be completely covered. In these circumstances there can be a lot done in disguising and working a scar into a design without physically covering it. It does require being flexible with your concept and what will actually work.

Q • Will I have to pay for my tattoo?

A • My goal is to offer these services for free. Currently, I am volunteering one day a month to take Two Arrows clients. In most cases the tattoos will be started and completed in a single session. The only exception is in larger tattoos that go above and beyond the first session to complete, but this will be discussed during the consultation process. I will also be looking for additional support and funding so this is liable to change as resources become available.

Two Arrows logo. A woman hold an arrow that has pierced her heart, while in her mind she prepares to cast another arrow. Illustration by Laura Casey.