Two Arrows is a non-profit project started by Laura Casey of Lady Lo’s Custom Tattoos, with the intention of offering free consultation and tattooing services to people bearing physical scars as the result of self-harm. The hope of this project is to help transform these potentially painful reminders into beautiful pieces of art to help reflect the healing, growth and transition that these incredible people have been going through. To find beauty and healing in pain.

The name of the project is derived from the Buddhist parable of “the two arrows,” which is about the nature of suffering. There are many tellings of this parable; here is one:

Imagine a bow with two arrows, one of which has already been released. This first arrow is a difficult life event, challenge or issue. It could be a death, end of a relationship, losing a job or conflict. The second arrow, which is in the bow—ready to be released—is your judgment, self-criticism and negative thoughts about the first arrow. It is self-blame, self-pity, shame, beating yourself up or sliding into a victim mindset which allows the inner critic to take over and run the show. When the second arrow is released it inevitably lands in the wound of the first. It deepens that wound, making it more painful and preventing the first wound from healing.

The first arrow can be unavoidable, but the truth is that you don’t need to shoot that second arrow. The pain from the first is enough to deal with. Instead of shooting that second arrow, we can choose to begin healing. We can choose to treat ourselves with compassion and the same empathy that we would provide someone else.


There a small gallery in place for those that wish to see what is possible. However, for some, the before images may be shocking or may evoke stressful feelings. As such, only view the gallery if you are certain you wish to look.


Over my years of tattooing I have had the opportunity to work with a number of people who carry self-harm scars. People seeking to cover, disguise or work a design into, or else I just catch a glimpse while working on a separate project. I’ve always felt a deeper connection with these clients and feel honoured to be able to offer my skills and to be a small part of someone’s healing journey.

It is my hope to create a space that is safe and non-judgmental, that encourages healing and growth, where people can feel free to express themselves as a whole.

– Lady Lo


“The Two Arrows Project has changed my life in ways that were unimaginable to me before taking part in it. I am no longer self-conscious about my scars around my children. I can wear short-sleeved shirts. I can take my children swimming without worrying about them asking me questions that I don’t know how to answer. This initiative was a perfect companion to the other methods I have employed to help make my life better. Laura is caring, empathetic, insightful, creative and so much more. The art she so kindly gave to me catches my breath. I’m proud to display it and explain the meaning behind it. I can not begin to express my gratitude for being a part of this.”

~Bill Barnes

Pay It Forward

All donations received will be used to help fund the project. This may allow for a client to receive a second tattooing session, if more time is required to cover the desired area; or, it may even allow for additional clients to receive this service.

To donate directly, you can electronically transfer money to contact@twoarrows.info. If you would prefer to use another method, please contact us. You may choose to donate anonymously, and any level of support you provide is greatly appreciated.


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    Please be aware that it may take a week for us to respond due to our schedule and commitments.

    If you are in need of immediate assistance, please contact the mental health crisis line at 1-888-737-4668.

    Two Arrows logo. A woman hold an arrow that has pierced her heart, while in her mind she prepares to cast another arrow. Illustration by Laura Casey.